Price of gas at lowest levels in history.

Gas was 17 cents a gallon in 1931 so you could have bought a gallon of gas with 1.7 dimes back then. If you had those same silver dimes today they’d buy 2 gallons of gas.

Just a little reminder: Don’t think of things in terms of that phony paper money that isn’t backed by anything. That stuff is only useful as a quick mechanism to trade with. Temporarily convert into that phony paper to buy or sell something, then get back out of it. Real money is gold and silver.

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We had gas wars in 60’s and early 70’s in No Dakota. Price of leaded regular at the lowest was 18.9 per gallon. Could fill a 20 gallon tank for less than 5.00 Bucks. Man I miss is good old days. Military at the time and trust me, every penny meant something back then. :roll:

Using precious metals as as an pricing mechanism for another commodity it nuts.

Silver and Gold are at all time highs because Bernake is busy trying to monetize our debt via dollar devaluation and and the very thin speculative market in PMs.

Spend 30 minutes listening to the alternate view on metals as money.

In 1970, I purchased a new 1971 Nova SS for 3,500. Gas was .35 a gallon.

In 1978, I purchased a new 1978 Trans Am for 6,600. Gas was .66 a gallon.

A new 2011 Camaro SS is about $41,000. So, gas should be over $4 a gallon.