Price structure

Just lost an inspection to a West Palm Company that priced it at $300 for an home inspection including termite and mold AND wind mitigation report.
I do not believe Allied is a NACHI member. Anybody familiar?
I guess that will be the new price structure…huh?

I forget who said it so well on this board, “they must know what their services are worth”.

2300+/- sf on a large lot. Well and septic. The purchaser said that he had used them on his present house and was pleased. I wondered why he would check his price.
The purchaser also said that they do exterminating as well.
Just thought others might want to know.

Your web site says you are a ‘board certified master inspector’. What board certified you. There are none that I know of.

I wouldnt concern myself with them. You have to know your cost of doing business, value your time and stick to your own plan. Others will quickly bankrupt you if you start chasing bottom feeders. In the long run it will be your relationships and reputation that will build and stabilize your business .

I’ve never met them but have heard of them from a couple realtors lately. I believe I’ve even seen their sticker on an electrical panel or two before. Oh, and I agree with George’s comments above.


Obviously they planned to do a drive-by job for $300.

So the Buyer will get Suckered and Fooled TWICE!

The Master Inspector Certification Board.

Up Here there a guys that work at a national exterminator franchise (G&B) that offer home inspections too…

I tell all to be wary of any home inspector who could gain another job based on a condition he reports. You’d think it would be common sense.

Common sense is not as common as it should be…

Thanks everyone for your comments.

I would not concern yourself too much with it. I had a guy tell me the other day he was getting all that for $275 from someone but would like to offer our company the business because our office is in the same complex as his. I could not match the price though. We do inspections all the time where we are told that our price was more expensive but when the looked at what the get our value is the best.

This Allied???

Not sure…just was told Allied.

I’m in Jacksonville, Florida and have this happen to me all the time. I refuse to work for free, even if business is slow.

American Certified Home Inspections 1.jpg

that’s a $585. job for me, I think it time we all come up a base cost …

Good luck competing out there.


That is why I want out and wish to find a more profitable biz.
It does not seem you can make enough money to make a decent living off of the work you alone can do.

To make a good living you need to make the profit off of the work of many folks in my opinion.

To many will work for pennies because they have to eat.

I do not hate on them it is just the way it is.

I am fairly close myself in the insurance insp biz :frowning: