Pricing Asbestos Inspections

I have just become an EPA AHERA certified inspector and plan on performing inspections for local fire departments to comply with new DEQ regulations for practice or burn to learns. Generally the practice burns involve houses under 2,000 square feet, are vacant and will be doing destructive sampling. I would estimate less then ten samples which are around $10 per for lab testing. Can anyone give me advice on how to price an inspection? One person in my class had their garage (two car, detached) surveyed and it was $350 including lab fees so that’s my only reference.

I’m interested to know what kind of testing does the lab provide for $10 fee? Is that just a Gravimetric? or PLM? or TEM? On non-friable materials? My understanding is that on non-friable materials the only test that can consider a material as non asbestos containing is is TEM which costs almost $100 per sample.


I thought PCM was for airborne testing only.

It’s PLM, the longer the turn around the lower the fee.