Pricing Commercial Jobs

Need some help. Pricing a commercial job. It’s 10,400 sf apartment building with (24) 600 sf apartment units. Each has it’s own water tank and elec panel, but the HVAC is centralized. Roof is 3 story with no access, so I have a drone operator coming for that. It’s costing me nothing cause he wants to price the roof.

What is the FULL scope of the inspection?

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Watch out for that conflict of interest.

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Also, 24 x 600 = 14,400sf

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PLUS common and non-common areas!

Thanks. Haven’t measured the units. Going off of what I was told… I checked the auditor site and the overall square footage matches.

24 units. I was told that they were about 600 sf each, but that math doesn’t work. Each unit has an electric panel and hot water tank. Central hvac and there’s a laundry room at ground floor. 3 story building.

I multiplied 600 x 24 both front and back. Still 14,400. As @jjonas said, everything under the roof counts. Foyers, stairwells, laundry rooms etc.

Still waiting.