Pricing for Older Houses

Hey Everyone:

I was curious if anyone charges more money for houses over a certain age? Obviously, the older they are the longer it will probably take to inspect because of numerous homeowner alterations / improvements, etc…

If you do charge more can you tell me at what age do you start charging more and how much extra vs a newer house?

Nathan Davis
Newbie Inspector

My fee is flat across the board no matter how old or new.
I’ve done newer homes that were more of a pain in the a*ss than some century homes.
For me it all boils down to the same.

Depends on sq footage, age, distance to dive to.

Charging more will have the net effect of pricing you out of the market, and older homes present learning opportunities. When you have 100 or so under your belt and more work than you can handle, then start raising your rates.

I charge typically $95 for anything older than 1978. I’ve had this policy since day one.

I charge less for newer homes. :wink:

Nathan this may also be relevant based on your location. Please fill out your profile so we know where you are. Most the houses I inspect are “old” by some standards (over 50 years) and many are over 100 years. Albany as a city goes back to the 1600’s and many of our brownstones and city homes are 200+ years old. If you live in a place where most homes are new you might get away with charging a little more for an older home, however, in my area, you will be severely limiting your market. Both houses I inspected today were over 100 years old. One looked it, the other was a rehab and one that was done right, fewer defects than many homes I’ve done that are less than 25 years old. So in that sense, what is age but a number. (Started agreeing with that when I tuned 50 myself). I charge the same regardless of age.