Pricing realtor trying to control prices

What is it with agents who want to control our pricing. Our fees are not coming out of their pockets so why do they care what we charge for our services. I am fed up with this. I have a client make an appointment on my online calendar and realtor calls and wants me to charge $300 for a 4700 sq. ft. house with radon test for $50 dollars. So I told him to jump in the lake and cancelled appointment. He later agrees to accept the price quote I gave his client earlier . Why is it they feel they want to control our fees? After all we do not tell them what fees they can charge for selling a home.


Agents want to believe that the are getting a “deal” for “their” client.

You handled it well, Ernest…IMHO


Make a direct complaint about the realtor, to the realtor board and consumer protection advocate in your area. There are antitrust laws. What they/he/she is going is price fixing. The Division is protecting consumers through its litigation and investigative efforts.

Some agents get wayyyyy out of their lane. This agent was probably chest beating for their client trying to impress the client with their “skills” and get a better price. Funny thing, how does the agent “accept the price”? I love that you cancelled the appointment and the agent had to eat crow on this one.

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There appears to be a bit missing with this description. Did your prospective client ever contact you to disagree with the fee or did you not hear back at all from the client even after following up with them?