Pricing schedule for Houston Texas

I have passed the licensing exam for Texas and am in the process of being licensed. I am a member of NACHI and am in the process of being certified.

What seems to be the prevailing price structure for home inspections in the Houston area ?

How does the pricing scheduled ?

I’m getting ready to hit the launch button. Just preparing for the state notification…

You need to determine your own value and set your rates accordingly. If you want to be an average inspector, choose an average rate. Houston is a large enough market to support exceptional inspectors at corresponding rates. There are also plenty of discount rate inspectors. With a little research, you will find stating fees ranging from <$200 to >$600 for a basic inspection on a smaller home. Some individuals may do 3+/day at the lower and and some only 1/day at the upper end. Obviously, you should expect to see radical differences in the quality of work performed and value added to the client across this spectrum and the talented guys are often engaged on higher end homes so their average fee may be well above their minimum fee.

What kind of inspector do you want to be?

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What Chuck said is the way it is most everywhere. Be a professional.

Retire with $ to spare!

Thank you ever SOOO much I’m a 4th generation Houstonian, US Army veteran, Army Ski Instructor, grandfather of 5, and the runt ion my family, only 5’ 11" and 1/2 tall Married 37 years I’m the inspector of EVERYONES dreams.
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that was “runt of the family”

Need a quality website, domain and company name that’s well known/respected in the Houston market and has produced an average inspection fee over $750? I know where there’s one available.