Pricing Your Inspection/Warranty Inspections

I recently received licensing and would like your input as to pricing. What are some of your prices? Do you price by the square foot and if so what are they. Also when you do a warranty inspection do you inspect it the same as a general inspection? I have 20 years of construction experience but this is my first rodeo in the inspection industry.

First, welcome to iNACHI!

As for your questions, I suggest you do a search of the forum and read the many, and I do mean MANY threads that have gone on in the past about pricing and service offerings. After you get all of that reading done, shouldn’t take more then four or five days :shock::shock:, then figure out what your business plan and market will support and go with that.

Good Luck!


Depends on my Clients’ needs. One inspection does not fit all!

Private email coming your way, Danny.