Why is GEICO and other insurance companies in Florida telling potential clients what our prices should be? They are killing me/us!!

Because they a f-ing idiots.
Start telling their clients what you think their prices should be. Fair Play.
Whats good for the goose is good for the Gander

What prices are they telling potential clients?

I like that idea!:twisted:

It does not matter as it IS NOT THEIR BUSINESS.

When realtors tell my clients the price they should pay and they tell me I tell them what I think the agents should get out of the sale. It gets the point across real fast.

A decent relationship with referring REA’s will curb that. I tell most REA’s not to try to quote a fee, if pressed tell them $350-600. 99% are in there.

OP is talking about insurance inspection prices I presume.


Geico told a customer yesterday $75.00 fr wind mitigation. But does it really matter? Shouldn’t we be deciding what our prices are? Some inspectors here are doing 4-point inspections for $50.00. I drive to my jobs, have insurance and list goes on.

$50.0 4-point and wind mitigation

Just curious, how much should a 4 pt and/or a wind mit cost?

$300 min especially if you use the Citizens form. If you are foolish enough to use the Nachi Form I would add a min of $50 to that. I almost always get $150 for the citizens 4 points. Almost. Wind mits average around $70 depends on many things. The price dropped by 1/2 once HI’s were allowed to do them. If licensing never happened HI’s could be making more than $50 per just on referral fees.


Before these inspectors made it common practice to do the insurance inspections for virtually nothing, I was getting between $175-$250 for each. Now I struggle to get $75.00.

In Jacksonville, a large percentage of the insurance inspections are done by the ubiquitous inspector whose name I will not mention here. Even when I can do them as an ancillary service and discounted as part of a full home inspection, he does them for less than 1/2 of my discounted price. Often shows up and does a 4pt and wind mit inspection and gone while I am inspecting the ceiling of the kitchen pantry closet.



I lost one just yesterday to the $75.00 inspector in this area. I’m glad I did though. It was a 5K SF home with two a/c systems and lots of area to cover. I think he actually did me a favor. “He” can have at it.


Here is part of the reason why this is happening…

Follow the link once on the add. You’ll have your answer.


I wouldn’t hire him just based on the typos on the website…
Is he iNachi?

Not sure George? I posted after finding it on Craigslist when posting a phone I was selling. Thought it fit in well with the thread here.