Hmmm. I’m going to try that with my dentist.

Same thing goes for the piece of crap real estate folks that tell folks what they should pay. I say they should work for 2%

Obviously you were being sarcastic but, in reality Frank, when you pay cash as some folks do, they and other medical providers are willing to negotiate their fees.


My dentist also has a cash “discount”, but he’s not going to match price with the guy down the street. And I’m not going to the guy down the street because he’s cheaper. I feel that I get value for my money with my current dentist, even if he charges more. What we need to do as professionals is project a sense of value for our services. It’s been my experience that you get what you pay for.

And you are correct. People are willing to pay a bit more for better service as well as what they perceive as a better value.


The Golden Wind Mitigation will be offered soon when I get my new site up. For those discriminating customers who deserve the best :slight_smile: I bet I sell a couple a week :slight_smile: Thinking about listing it at $200 to $250 :slight_smile:

Please explain how that comment is incorrect.
Contractors can not advertise as home inspectors or perform a full home inspection as defined by the SOP unless they have a HI certification.

As defined by the sop, you answered your own question.

Some people are willing to pay more…most are not. It is human behavior. If you only want to market to a certain buyer, then by all means, chose pricing and sit on it. Which is what you might do…sit and wait. Or you can devise a pricing plan that may offer success in any market, with any customer. The market won’t always be this good. I believe in positioning for any market and being consistent. People will hire you on price and reputation. In a busy market, they will simply shoot for availabiliy. Unfortunately, realtors set that dynamic. Position yourself for all conditions. If people are telling you your prices are high…then they probably are. If you are sitting more than working…they are. Our customers are our best barometer. That includes realtors unfortunately.

Hell you all ain’t gonna believe it but I am starting to like the Citizens 4 point form :slight_smile:


Because I SELL the hell out of them at $150 a pop :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have at least 2 tomorrow and just booked another for Monday. It is amazing how much less I hate things when I get $100 more than most others for 45 minutes max worth of work :slight_smile:


FOLKS HAVE TO GET THEM… Get Friggen paid…

Mike, preaching to the brain dead will NEVER change anything!

I know I just want them to know that they do not have to be doormats and if they all grew some balls then they would all make a better living :slight_smile:

Good to see ya around :slight_smile: I hope all is going well.

Hey Mike. I’ve been using the Citizen version of the 4 point. I currently have been getting 120 for it and am considering raising it a bit to see how it goes. Obviously with the 4 point it becomes a needed commodity and not a luxury for the homeowner when they switch insurance companies or are purchasing for the first time. So, the 150 you’re charging is within reason and you are correct in charging what you are. In my case if I’m doing a general property inspection, I can’t charge 150 for an add-on (4 point) inspection. But as a stand alone it becomes very doable.


Unfortunately some of the low baller “competition” I am seeing around here are not Nachi members. So they would never see your post Mike. Some of them are not even home inspectors. :shock:

Hey guys. You are both right. I hit them with the $150 first. If you are hungry and feel them cringing then lower it to where you get it. It does not hurt to try. I do not list my 4 point inspection prices as I get what I can when I can. Anyone please feel free to call me anytime after 10am to discuss. I do not get them all but it seems to have been going pretty well lately. As-holes in the insurance industry that tell folks what they “should” pay are the biggest problem. They base that on what the big companies charge that screw the normal home inspectors as bad as they can on insurance inspections. If you find companies that value your service and DO NOT QUOTE prices you are better off. I tell them straight up not to quote prices as each home is different and I even tell them I make the most I can on each job. MOST seem to understand.

You will lose some but do you “need” to deal with those who only care about price anyway? Normally they are problem clients. IF we all raised the price on 4 points then our prices would become the going rate…All will not do it and I UNDERSTSAND that all cannot afford to as they must feed their families and pay their bills but I think the current rates and fools that are bundling inspections are way out of line. When folks bring it up I explain that they are 2 completely different inspections with 2 completely different rates and reasons for doing them.

It does help that many of my requests come from those I have taken care of on wind mits in the past and they appreciate my customer service and do NOT SHOP MY PRICES.

The trick in my opinion is once you get them on the phone SELL IT and sound stone cold sure of yourself and professional. I always add when they seem sketchie that advice is always free and even if they do not choose me please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions. That seals the deal often :slight_smile:

I do think I lost maybe my 2nd job ever on a wind mit with some old hag that had questions about my qualifications and 100 other things and did not seem to happy about my payment policy. I explained to her why and she never called back. As far as i am concerned her and the other fossil that did not choose me based on that I do not want their business because tI figure they are looking for a way to stack the cards in their favor and have me by the balls. For $140 is loss total over the years that is a loss I take with pleasure.

I no longer have any getting paid stress and talk freely while I do the inspection with NO FEAR of getting screwed as I have been in the past :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insight Mike. :slight_smile:

Anytime anyone will bother to listen I am glad to talk :slight_smile:

Ok… So something like this maybe? …
Customer, How much do you charge for a 4 point? HI, $150. Customer, Ewww,… HI, how many sf is your house? … Customer, I think about 1200sf… HI, Oh OK… A smaller house I could do for $120…???

Now you got it. :slight_smile:

I am lucky enough where I CURRENTLY do not have to do them for less but I would in a HEARTBEAT if I needed to pay the bills or feed the family. Sometimes the folks seem nice or old or like it will be easy etc… :slight_smile: Also you can tell them less if they can fit into YOUR schedule or more if you must meet theirs.

Get what you can when you can.

Also sometimes folks just straight up ask if I can do any better. Depending on my mood and how they strike me and what is on the schedule I normally will do a little something for them.

Jerks GET no breaks :slight_smile: