Printer ink suggestions

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I always bought new ink cartridges after my first and last experience doing a refill.

Maybe time for a new printer?

What printer you using?

I have an epson eco tank printer, no more buying cartridges, the printer is expensive, but its great. easy to refill ink. mess free.

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I’m currently using Okidata ML420

why are you asking about ink refills if you have this old ribbon printer?

You sure about your facts?
That printer uses a Ribbon, NOT ink cartridges!

Me’thinks you are a Spammer/Scammer trying to get us to view the link in your first post!!

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Nice printer. I would purchase any refills from EPSON.
How many average pages you get from on bottle.

I have had it about a year, I have printed 4000 sheets, and a few dozen full color photos. It is still 75% full on ink. I have purchased refill bottles for $50.00 I think. But won’t need them for another year. Before this printer, I had a color laser and spent way more on color drums every few months.

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Their site says it can print 6000 color sheets on one refill. Probably depends on if it’s full color or not. But can print 7500 black sheets.
Lots of printing. Epson says one refill equals about 80 cartridges.

That’s EPSON cartages.
I use a HP 7740 wife All In One. ><2500 color pages per set of 4 EX long-life cartages. $160.00 Canadian. Would purchase an EcoTank Pro ET-5800, but at $1,049.99 Canadian is a lot of money.