Im needing a new printer. So Im wondering what you guys use,what do you think of it or what would you recommend.

Im thinking of getting a combo wireless,any thoughts?


Wireless is very handy… especially working off of your laptop. We’ve got a desktop, two laptops and a netbook on the same network with a Lexmark. I wouldn’t recommend the Lexmark as it seems kinda sluggish on setting up each printing operation.


I have a brother printer I like and an hp printer I like. Neither is wireless, but i would like that feature. I use the HP for on site printing and it has been reliable. The Brother sits in the office. Cost of ink can be an issue. I use the lowest printer settings I can get away with to minimise ink use.

I use 2 printers. The HP laserjet for black and white and an HP Photosmart for color. Ink cartridges are less costly this way for me. I’ll go wireless in the future.

Printers are like cars or trucks. Personal preferences…I had a Lexmark for a time but the ink cartridges were the most expensive on the market and did not last plus it would hang up with software problems occasionally and have to be “calibrated” by rebooting the computer. I now have an old HP that I use just for b/w office forms, cartridges seem to last forever and can buy them of the rack or off the internet cheaply. My other is a Brother, multi purpose printer, fax, scanner, etc. even has a cordless phone on it which I never use. I am very happy with its performance, I can get replacement ink tanks (used four large tanks) that I can get off ebay or one of the many ink merchants for a fraction of what they cost at the Office supply joints, especially when I buy in large quantities. Tanks seem to last fairly long time and print quality is fine. I went to a multi purpose to clear up some desk space and upgrade from the crappy Lexmark. It is wireless as well. Takes a little patience to set up but works great with all the laptops.

I just bought the HP Officejet 6500 E709a Series I highly recommend it. (1) its a network printer. i have it hooked up to my network so i can use it wirelessly. (2) the price it good. (3) and most inmportantly the ink is cheap and you only replace the ink cartridges you need. there are four and only run $15 each.

Thanks guys.
My desktop comp took a crap on me this last week, but I still have my laptop. So my issue is that my printer and scanners are windows xp where as my laptop is vista. So I figured my scanner and printer are about 10 yrs old and they dont jive with my laptop so I need to get new ones.

Do you guys prefer laser or inkjet?


I find my HP deskjet to be just fine but shop cartridge price before you buy a printer…some are much more than others…

I have an HP DeskJet Pro 8500 Wireless and highly recommend it. It does automatic duplex (double side) and can do edge to edge printing for brochures and flyers. The initial investment was a bit pricey compared to other printers, but the ink consumption is hardly anything. I can print a couple of reams of paper before the cartridges need to be replaced. The print speed is pretty fast too, even duplex prints.

Love my HP wireless

What are you using the printer for? This can make a big difference on what to buy!

Exactly. I actually do very little printing. Mine is used mostly for faxing and copying short items. One rule of thumb; if the printer is cheap, stand by to pay large for the ink cartridges, printer costs a little more, ink cartridges tend to be less. I came within a gnat’s behind of buying an HP machine but the one thing I didn’t like was the size (and costs) of the ink tanks. They had smaller capacity than the large tanks on the Brother machines. I went back and forth for some time until I finally did a cost analysis for replacement tanks in the stores and online. I have found several sources of ink cartridges that run a little over a dollar a tank.

Ink jet printer cartridges are worthless for me. I would run out of ink and would be replacing cartridges daily so I spent the money for a couple of color laser printers… in a years time a save alot of money on toner cartridges and save time on printing as well, these laser printers print out a 60 page report with in 2 minutes or less.

I do recommend wireless or at least be able to hook it up to a network. We have 5 laptops using the same printer, makes it very nice.

Stay away from the EVIL Printers.

Thanks for all the input guys. I ended up ordering a HP 6500. I was minutes from ordering a epson, but after reviewing feedback…(every printer out there has bad feed back btw), the epson are not sinking up correctly with the vista 64. Some people said even after down loading their patch, it still didnt work. So needless to say thats why I bought an HP. With my desktop taking a crap, I donnot want to have to dink around with a printer (combo).

HAve a Brother MFC 9840. It is a huge heavy monster. Works very well. Consumable cost is okay. Would recommend it if you have the space for it.

Samsung CLP-610ND its a laser, color, 22 ppm, networked and ,double sided. Works great and wasn’t expensive.