Private investigating

I am wondering if any other inspectors like me have given any thought or looked into becoming a private investagator. I do alot of insurance jobs for major providers as well as home inspections and an insider in the insurace biz told me that they hire P.I.'s for fraud claims and pay well. I think it would be fun to do and i feel like i am already an investagator during inspections because i have to do property record searches for building info and sales info weather its a joe shmoe biying a house or an insurance company trying to underwrite properly i always dig up as much past info on the properties that i look at and give full detailed reports with as much history as possible. I feel like its not that much different than that except now i would be reasearching people insted of properties and maybe add a little excitment to this dreaded inspecting world i have created here. I guess i am just wondering if anyone else does this and what they think. Also if you have never thought of it let me know what tou think of the idea.

I don’t know. I wouldn’t call inspecting dreaded. :cool:

I was a bit over dramatic there with the dreaded. This is way better then any 9 to 5 working for some jerk. I love inspecting and love that i am helping people but especially with all the insurance orders i do it gets kind of repititous for me and especially with the report writing.

Sounds more fun to me :slight_smile: Let us know what you learn please.

Or, you could learn to spell…

I’ve already did it is the past.
Too much cloak and dagger …And all hours of the day and night.

He’s “investagating” that now. :wink:

I’d bet you have your limits!..As most of us do…huh?

Yes. We all do. Though not all are exactly equal.

I’ll wager some inspection reports make for mighty entertaining reading.

I was and even owned a PI Firm in Virginia. I handled mostly slip and fall cases where I was the code expert and PI doing the code related investigations. However, I also did a few “domestic” investigations as well…didn’t like those. However, I owned GURU Investigations, Inc. for a few years that many did not know about…i enjoyed it.

I was a P.I. for a few years when I got out of the USMC in the mid-90’s. My work in the military didn’t have a civilian counterpart, and I struggled to find employment in the field I was studying (civil engineering). So I obtained the training, started my own one-man firm and handled mostly workman’s comp fraud cases for insurance companies while going to college. I also served court papers and bounced at a country bar at nights on weekends. The work fed to me by the insurance companies was cyclical. Feast or famine. I also handled some divorce and child custody cases, but they are one-time clients. Always work off your retainer. Always.


Thank you for your service. I wish you continued success.

Gosh, well thank you Sir!