Private members bill

Thanks for your thought but until the threats , attacks and false information and an apology from the OACHI group it stays .
All wounds are self inflicted by them .

There are few people from OntarioAchi that should be nominated for awards at InterNachi for all the work they have done, But what is the sense when a member of the awards committee posts stuff like this.

Remember Roy OntarioAchi members are InterNachi as well


Thanks Jim but you have told too many lies and** insulted me just too often** .

How about this one as an example about me from one of Jim’s post.

I do not need to lie and cheat as you do.

You have not responded about not being a qualified CMI or RHI

This is from Jims web site .

Jim is presently on the Board of Directors for OntarioACHI (Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors). WRONG

Do you feel qualified to sit on the awards committee with all the hate you have in you?

Sorry Jim 13 years on awards and no hate in me ,
sorry to see you have so much jealousy .
I am done Good night Jim

Why are you so concerned about my website?

How would you know how many members are InterNachi members?

Your comments above show that you have nothing but hate for OntarioAchi.

So how can you sit on the awards committee when you cannot be impartial?

Bryce I am very surprised to see you condone the action of the OACHI directors ,
They lied and cheated threatened and challenged my qualifications non stop This is an extremely poor way for leaders of an association to operate .
They tried black mail and do many things to try and embarrass me .
I asked a simple question and they have never that I saw been answered
(" can you please tell me how many paid members OntarioACHI have ")
Their actions to me seem to show they are trying to hide something .
The post at the bottom of all my posts are what they have posted if they are ashamed of that string to bad they should never have said those thing’s that embarrass them.

Why is it any of your business how many members they have?

You are not a member so why would you be entitled to know?

Why do you care?

Do you really want to go there Cooke, because I WILL drag EVERYONE into it!

Well except for the time you were expelled from InterNACHI. :roll: