Private sale of cottage, seller does not want inspection

This guy has been trying to sell their family cottage for 2 years at 152k, i offer him 130k he said okay but no conditions, as is.
He says everything is fine in the cottage, the sand point well, septic, etc. It’s up in Tiny near Midland. Check out some of the picture here.
His old wwII dad built the place so it look solid. But the son’s seems to be hiding something. maybe the basement floods or the roof leaks. You can see the addition to the older cottage, there some discoloured spots on both side of the roof neat the addition, he claim is from the trees.

I’m not sure what your question is but never buy a home without a home inspection from a NACHI inspector

I think there maybe some mold from that small part of the basement/crawl space. I wonder if it would have enter the kitchen above? I noticed a bit of mold smell when i went down there, how hard is that to fix? I wonder if could insulate the basement ceiling and then keep the windows open down there would stop it for entering the house?
If there is mold already above that small basement , i didn’t notice a smell. I suppose if it gets into the walls it is not easy to fix?
I will insist on a home inspection, that’s not what i’m asking i’m just wonder if it just going to be a waste of money anyways because he’s telling me no conditions, no inspection, AS IS. Is this sure enough sign that he’s trying to hide this lemon?
The other thing is that it has a sand point well, that i he try to say has plenty of water, but i assume at this point it is not true. It’s very dry this time of year and many people have problem with water.
Municipal water cost $800 a year from some cottages, so if a well cost 10k will be actually cheaper in the long run. So the well prob is not so bad.

If “everything is fine in the cottage” then he shouldn’t have a problem with an inspection being done.

However, I guarantee that not everything will be fine. Many issues found on inspections are ones that the sellers are not even aware of. There may not be any major defects, but there are always some maintenance items. See if you can persuade him to allow an inspection done so you can know what maintenance items need to be done now or in the near future.

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Looks like you already negotiated a $22K reduction in price, and have hit the sellers bottom price. You may be able to have an inspection performed, but he already stated there will be no more concessions (as is) to the price, so it would be informational only.

It may be too late. It sounds as if an offer was made, and accepted, and he is now in the crapper.

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Yes that’s what i was thinking. Seems like a good deal on the cottage but it is just too damn obvious that he is trying to hide something.
Don’t worry i had legal offer drawn up with the conditions and housing inspection and that i could walk away from it. The same for him, he’s not obligated to sell it to me if i demand he fix things.

He didn’t accept the offer, he comes back and say No condition No inspection AS IS but my low price and get this, he wants 6k in cash a a deposit! What a nut case. Bully too. Tryed to bully me into his deal.

I told him all the money would go to the lawyer who would hold it.

I guess there could be major problems hiding? From what i could tell nothing seem wrong, a bit of mold in the basement, few shingles area need replacing. Maybe he is just emotion because of the father issue?
Too risky for me, a guy like this is always looking to fight. But part of me is disappoint because it seem like a great deal.

If the deal looks to good to be true, it probably is…
The Seller’s reluctance for Inspection and excessive demands gives a clear indication to just walk away…

Each home you look at is a learning experience.
You will be better off when you find the right one…

What i told him in the end was that i would arrange for the inspection and then make a offer to buy it. Something is fishy about some who accepts the offer with allow an inspection. He was bully too, he tried to claim it was because it was his family cottage and he was all emotional.
In the end he sent me an email “you really blew it!”