Pro-Lab and Dr. Shane at Today's Inspection

I took some samples today for a major shipping company that received some wooden crates from Vietnam. The crates have what appears to be mold[suspected mold] they want to identify it. health concern].
I then visited Pro-Lab in Toronto dropped the samples off, and Dr. Shane was at the lab. It was a pleasure to meet him and the entire process was painless and very profitable! For all the skeptics about Mr. Caprio’s abilities as an instructor,I would suggest you remain skeptical. It would allow me and my company to operate with no competition! Todays inspection was 3 hrs from start to finish and is a total of $1200.00.

Here are some pic’s

Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to burn the crates?


There are hundreds of these crates containing goods that have to be re-shipped elsewhere. The company at the receiving end will not except these crates in this condition.

The company I did the work for would just like to know if there are any health concerns for employees working in this warehouse. And also for workers removing the existing wood and replacing it.

A company that cares about employees, I know it sounds novel but you have to admire that Joe!
And as far as the fee paid to me, it is a small fraction of what an IAQ specialist would have charged for services.And the nice thing about it,Pro-Lab is doing all the work! They will supply a detailed report.

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That’s old school Joe!!!:mrgreen:

As someone who worked for OSHA for 4 years and was involved at a management level with OSHA & EPA compliance in the private sector (nuclear, fossil, and hydro-electric power plants) for 11 years, I know a little about employee health and safety. I also know that there is no regulatory limit for mold by any agency of the US government.

If I had owned the company, I wouldn’t have given the issue a second thought (it’s not an issue unless the condition of the wood is structurally poor).

There certainly is no need for a IAQ specialist when mold is not regulated in industry.

I was at a friends house yesterday and he had a wood picnic table turned upside down, and it was covered with leaves and in contact with soil. Had been that way for some time. The wood was moldy and rotted and I put my hands on it and breathed the air around it. I think I even put a finger in my nostril later that same day. It’s a wonder I’m not dead! :shock:


It’s a good thing then that you are not one of the directors of this corp.Good for the employees and good for me.

Forgot to ask earlier how long is the Doc suppossed to be there I want to pass by next Tues.


I don’t know.I’m hoping he will be there next week I would like to go over report with him.

Just because something is regulated or not doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Is radon in states that don’t regulate radon less dangerous than the radon in states that do regulate it?

“The World Health Organization (WHO), the National Academy of Sciences, the US Department of Health and Human Services, as well as EPA, have classified radon as a known human carcinogen. There is no debate about radon being a lung carcinogen in humans. All major national and international organizations that have examined the health risks of radon agree that it is a lung carcinogen.” Source: US EPA.

Please find for me something similar said about mold. In particular, please find for me any study that indicates mold on wood is a concern to employee health.

Who should decide whether something is “important”? A regulatory or scientific agency? Or a private sector lab and home inspector with a monetary interest in sampling?

I’m not saying people can’t get sick from mold. I’m just saying that it’s ridiculous in my view to sample mold on wood crates. You already know it’s mold! What’s the point in sampling it? To determine the particular “species”? So what? It’s not regulated so how could you tell the employer whether or not it’s a concern? What is the baseline to which you compare the results to make a determination about whether or not it’s a problem?


I’m going to call you SUPER JOE from now on.



I’m in business to make money,I won’t apologize about that.At $200 per sample they wanted me to sample some more.I was the one that said that I have enough samples.I could have easily tripled my fee today, but I didn’t.Guess who they are going to call for a home inspection?

You have this thing about regulations,what are regulations. They only come in affect after someone either gets ill from something or they die.

Hey I had a good day,you can buy into it or be left behind your choice.

Mold is gold. :slight_smile:



I have no idea what happened to pictures I posted.Here are the replacements.