PRO-LAB Infrared Camera Sale.

Wow… the price is over $2000 off the regular price.
The prices are dropping like a lead balloon.

This looks like the beginning of a nice price war.


Oh crap !!! :shock: :shock: :shock:


Wonder what their markup is


Why am I always at the “bleeding edge” or “price wars”?

Every inspector will have one soon…


:smiley: :smiley: :cool:

L O L ](*,)


I didn’t see a price. How much is it?

They had it marked down more than $2,000 when I looked earlier.
Now it just says-Call for price

Guess they want you to call.

That price is no longer on that link. That price was more in line with a BCam non SD version.

I called the number on the ad and the lady answered the phone did not know
anything about the IR camera. I got put on hold and finally turned over to a
voice mail to leave a message.

They delected the price.
No one knows anything about it.
Leave a message.

I saved the original pdf if anyone wants it. Send me an email.:slight_smile:

I saw it earlier also.

It was simply a marketing scheme. Now they say that they’ll beat any competitors price on any camera. By what…a dollar?

When I was shopping for an IR camera, they were all basically the same price no matter were you went. You can’t even purchase the camera through the manufacturer at a lower price. The only discounts that I’ve seen that really matter are when Sellers are giving away discounts on future training sessions. Now that’s a deal.

I had the same experience as John. It was priced at $4699

I was going to jump on it at that price.

Looks like Nick jumped the gun on this one.

Has anyone else noticed that their customer service is also lacking these days?

I placed an online order for supplies on Sunday. Got a call on Tuesday from ProLab telling me I should call her next time I want to place an order and not do it online. I get supplies from another lab supplier online 24/7 shipped the same day. They’ll hang themselves.

Hi Michael I have a copy too!

What happened, I have a copy of the add with the price - now it’s not honoured?

So much for that…was it a con? - ee do have consumer protection laws in CANADA --WAS THIS FALSE ADVERTISING?

Nah. Just an exclusive discount for nacho members only:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Early adopter Will, the price one pays to be on the cutting edge. :smiley: