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Is the Pro Lab instructor the same Doug Caprio that used to stand behind the desk at the back of the ESA courses selling tools.
If it is how the hell can NACHI be pushing a mold course that is being taught by a man that has never done a mold inspection. Just listing to a course a few times does not qualify a man a man to teach this. I did sign up for the IAC2 certification as I took the course under ESA but if I am correct in what I have just said please take me off.
NACHI and PRO LAB have taken education in this industry to an all time low, before long no one will take any NACHI certification seriously.


I’ll bet you would agree that it would enhance your position on this issue if you first allowed this question (without a question mark) to be answered…and then, to follow it up with a question as to what steps Mr. Caprio took to qualify himself to teach this course.

Qualifications to instruct a course does not necessarily depend upon hands-on experience, but does require some method of mastering a topic. Let’s find out what Caprio did to master this topic before condemning the entire NACHI certification process. Agreed?

I agree with James. I took the course and Doug was very knowledgable on the subject. Everyone starts from somewhere and improves themselves.Give him the benefit of the doubt take the course if your not happy ask for your money back.

The simple truth is that Pro Lab are using a man with no hands on experience, do Pro Lab tell people who pay to go on the course that man has no hands on experience. I have more experience than he has and would never dream to even trying to teach mold.
Would you go on a Home Inspection course that is run by a man who has never done an inspection, but had only read books?

But mold courses are not a NACHI membership requirement and never have been. Even if what you say were true, which it isn’t, mold courses don’t have anything to do with NACHI certification.

So what part is not true Nick? Also I do not remember saying that you have to do Mold to be a member of NACHI

Your inclusion of NACHI in your post, your last words of your post.

Mold courses are not a NACHI requirement and so has nothing to do with NACHI certification.

I have attended college classes on ancient history where I was taught by teachers who were not present at Troy.

I have attended sermons on the Ten Commandments by scholars who did not personally know Moses.

I have learned many important lessons in life from my own children.

The best ballplayers rarely are qualified to come back and manage (teach) others.

Teaching is a skill (or, to some, an art) all to itself and separate from the skill of “doing”. Again, find out from Doug how and where he acquired his knowledge and do not prejudge his course.

Carl, have you taken Doug’s course?

Carl, have you taken Doug’s course?

You have to be a NACHI member to join. So any person working under this certification will have to be a NACHI member, So guess what people will think of it as a NACHI certification. Again I have never said that you have to a mold inspector or do any mold course to be a member of NACHI

No when I done the course he was the man selling tools.


You have it backwards. Read your own post #11. It says you have to be a NACHI member to get IAC2 Certification. Not the other way around.


  1. You are talking about a course that was written by Dr. Shane, the undisputed leader of the mold industry:

  2. You haven’t taken the course.

  3. I can’t find anyone who doesn’t think the course was anything short of great.

  4. You keep talking about how it has a negative effect on NACHI Certification even though it is not a requirement of NACHI Certification. Why?

Does the instructor have any experience doing mold inspections yes or no


Mr. Doug Caprio was my Mold instructor in Toronto for Pro-Lab. I will tell you first hand that Mr.Caprio’s ability as an instructor equals if not exceeds instructors at the college level. He is very knowledgeable about the course that he teaches,is able to answer all and any questions.

I would also like to mention that the course was “free” And I would also like to mention that I have taken a similar course with IAQ equally as good, the cost was $375.00 Why would you question Mr. Caprio’s ability as an instructor anyway?

BTW He was selling tools at the class,someone has to sell tools.

Why will no one answer the simple question has he ever done a mold inspection?

you’d have to ask him.

Carl, I think you are not using common sense in your question to Doug. So I will ask you. Did you do any Home Inspections before you hung your out License in Florida? I have taken the mold coarse from Doug myself. I feel that you can not get any better of a instructor to do so. I know quite a few people who are in charge of things that have never worked a day in their life at what they are in charge of. But they know what they are doing, some times even better than the person who have had their hands deep in it.

Yes I took the mould course under Doug. I have also taken mould courses with Scientist from CMHC I also did seminar with Dr John Shane.
I learned much from all. I did ask thee if they had ever been or done an inspection. they all and Doug was one had ever been or done an inspection . So what I have seen inspectors who have do lots of inspections and some should be selling tools.
as an Instructor I was very satisfied and would highly recommend if any one is thinking of the course do it you should be pleased
Roy Cooke