PRO-LAB opening a lab in San Diego. No one knows.... well, until just now.

I’ll be there for opening day.

Hey Nick

Im a young buck/novice in the H/I-industry and just wanted to know when the opening day was and where in S.D.?

I live in L.A. and have been entertaining the thought to do those knid of speicality services in the future…
Besides if its a grand opening day and your gonna be there I will try to stop by since your gonna be down this way in Cali… I will try to take a fellow member friend as well.

I mainly use EM Labs here in San Diego. Their Mold Report is very clean and clients like it. The customer service at Pro-Lab is poor and they all act like used car salesmen. Call them for an order of collection media and they try to sell you a new rig or get you signed up on some new testing that they are offering. No thanks.

It’s sad isn’t it? Many new inspectors try Prolab and learn the hard way.

now a second lab I would not use…

I would like to see Paige Peters in a tight Prolab T-shirt. That is the only Prolab I would like to see.

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Darin, thank you for utilizing EMLab P&K’s San Diego lab. We strive to keep our clients happy. In fact, we’re always improving our client services. :slight_smile:

Linas, yes, it’s tough. If anyone wants to try MoldReport, we currently have an exclusive offer for InterNACHI members (good through Sept. 28, 2012). Mold analysis for only $22.50 per sample! No pre-payment needed. You also get free FedEx shipping with no hidden fees. More details in the “Special Discounts” section at:

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile: