PRO-LAB opening another lab in San Diego.

I bet another location will cause them to sell more Z-5s which will upset Russell.:stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t upset me at all. I want all my competition to use them. Please!


Dont get him started again.

I figured it out, its like all those ab work outs.

First guys had 30 minute abs.
Told folks 25 minute abs was nuts couldnt do it in 25 minutes,
then came 15 minute abs,
and the guys doing 25 mins said no way,
then 7 minute abs, at some point you really can’t get a good ab work out, not sure how many minutes you can cut it to and get your 6 pack…(probably has more to do with eating food that come throughyour car window, i digress)

So… pre air-o-cell there was probably a protocall that had 25 liters for 20 minutes or whatever, i dont actually know for certain.
when the air o cell cartridge came out with a shorter test time,
all guys using the older one said it can’t be good
now the Z5 is out and guys say you can sample enough air in 10 minutes, but impossible in 5…same thing, kind of. there will be a point where the test does become less efficient, but i’m a home inspector not a scientist so i dont do the test and cant know what the guys in the lab do.

In a couple years there will be an X1 where you sample for a minute and the Z5 guys will all call BS on it…

In all seriousness, Russell, i do apprciate your passion for what you do and the fact that you are (i think) trying to raise our profession. I get your point from the other thread and dont really want to rehash it. if me having a bit of fun is offensive, understand it isnt my intent, :mrgreen:. Have a nice day.

Actually the manufacture of the Z-5 knows it is inferior, that is why they state its use as preliminary. Never clear or write a protocol with Z-5s.

yeah i’ve been reading up…to save 10 minutes i’ll stick with air-o-cell myself and get a better test…no cost difference to speak of.

shhhhh, dont tell russell. :wink:

IM always listening