Pro-lab test equipment

I used to drop my sun nuclear monitor and picked it up after 48 hrs. Now I sub testing out to a radon company and my life has gotten so much simpler. Just could not charge enough to make up for the double trips.


The other advantage of CRMs’ is being able to set a delay if you arrive at the property and the windows are open, as happened to me just this week. I can set a 12 hour delay and still drop off the monitor at that visit.

Agents today tell their clients that the results will be available immediately at the end of the test because they are accustomed now to HIs’ using CRMs’. In my opinion, you are handicapping yourself by not offering instant results, especially with the plethora of cheap used equipment available.

A new inspector starting out has a tough enough road in front of them. For $350 they can offer reliable and instant results by buying my used CRM (self gratuitous plug inserted here).