PRO-LAB's James McDonnell and I are setting up a finance company for NACHI members.

We are working on this in case members need help buying infrared cameras and/or other major purchases for their inspection companies. I’ll keep you posted.

THIS is some seriously awesome stuff right here.

Excellent. Hopefully this can be offered in Canada aswell.


Yes in Canada too. We want to make it so NACHI members can get relaxed terms and if things don’t work out… return the camera knowing we won’t harm any member’s credit rating.

Great idea Nick. Certainly puts I.R. back on the scope.

Off the subject a little – but wonder if “Rent-a- Cam” would make $$ for all parties

I have long believed that 5 inspectors could buy 2 cameras and pay like joint ownership agreements are worked out with air planes and time share properties

Could bring the cost of use down by a factor of 50% or more


Do you have any idea how far in the future this may be?