probably an ez question

Is there away to have specific catogory start on its own page? And with the documentsis there away to have a document start on its own page. Nick postedtge other day a final inspection walk through i wantes to add it at the end of my report but it starts mid page . Thank you

Yes sir! If you go to Report Settings > Options, the very first checkbox is for Print Report Pages Continuously. If you uncheck this box, then your sections will print starting on it’s own page. Make sure to save your template to have it appear on all future reports.

For your documents, if you click on Edit Documents in the toolbar, then select your document. Above the document, uncheck the box for “Check box to include document on same page as section.” This will cause the document to appear on it’s own page, before the section that it is assigned.

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I downloaded the trail HIP mobile and did a report on it. How do I see what it would look like?

Syncing isn’t allowed on the trial download.

Hi Jason,

Go to our site, and register under Pricing for the Cloud Service Trial. This gives you 3 months free of our cloud service which you can use for syncing.