Probably best inspection I have ever done

This house was insane! nothing worked, all the drains were rusted out, basement was flooded, roof caving in. A breezeway was added on more than likely without a permit or using a proper contractor. Best part, the breezeway was built over the septic!!

Nominated for picture of the year…!

Metric or Standard?

Great picture!

WoW, I’m impressed with the can do attitude somebody had!
Faucet wrenches. Nice.

I had the exact opposite house today, it was boringly perfect.
Anti tip bracket missing - of course.
Double tap and an open knockout.
And a condensate drain line in the way of changing the air filter.
That was it!

Clearly they should have used stainless steel wrenches - they do not rust as readily. :wink:

Same yesterday except the only thing wrong with mine was 3 pieces of siding were cracked (hardi) and a gap that needed sealing in the garage door. But I can inspect those all day long for what I got paid. Took between 1.5 and 2 hours done with the report in 20 min.

I got to the bathroom and just started laughing, I just couldn’t believe this house was still standing, the front door and wall was rotted out and the whole wall swung. all the drains had buckets under them cause they were rusted out. This place should be torn down, the land was worth more than it.