Probem with Surveymaster (Protimeter)

Just finished an Inspection,
damn mositure meter playing up, sensor goes beserk, does not seem to pick up lower levels of detection. On search mode CF REL> Comes up.
Anyone else had errors with this type of meter?
Any input gratefully recieved,… its like loosing a limb being without it

I had similar problems once before…changed out battery…and good to go.

If it’s not the battery, GE will recondition it for around $100.00

Good luck!

Did you use the calibration tool that was provided with the meter?

Yes on the calibration it was OK, measure mode operated. Although it had a new battery I changed it, seemed to do the trick.
The fault was on search mode. In the manual certain conditions that come up “flashing” need attention/ contact with supplier.
I was thinking allthough HI tools are fairly basic if they go wrong it probably is not a quick fix.
Just reminded myself to get back up tools in.
Thanks for input

You should also verify the meter is working by placing a wet rag under a piece of 1/2" wood. They are not foolproof and it is possible to get erroneous readings if there is metal under the area being tested.