Problem Realtor, Maybe?

I am a new inspector so any business is welcome, but at the same time, I won’t compromise my integrity or duty to my clients for an inspection fee.

I worked an inspection today that was scheduled by the realtor (not uncommon, right?). She said the client was elderly and doesn’t have an email to be able to e-sign the agreement so I offered to go out of my way to bring her a hard copy prior to the inspection. The realtor specifically asked me only to send the report to her which seemed off. The client then told me when I called for payment over the phone I could email the receipt so I went ahead and emailed her the report as well since she is the client after all… Well, I just got a very angry message from the realtor about how she spent an hour calming down the client about what was on the report and asked once again that going forward I send the reports only to her.

My question is - Is this common when agents schedule the inspection directly or is this specific agent trying to control the way issues are found? It feels wrong to me and I’m questioning working with her again if she doesn’t change her practices but wanted to check with y’all first!

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It is somewhat common for agents to try to control the sale but it is WRONG for her to insist that you not give a copy of the report to YOUR client.

You can do better without that agent, in the long run. She is not your client! And you are reading her quite accurately. She is trying to train you and you can stick to your guns and train her, if she is trainable. But, that is your business policy…period! IMHO

And welcome!


Set the agent straight about who the client is and that you will not permit them to insinuate themselves between you and your client. That is your client every bit as much as it’s hers and you have an obligation to serve the interests of that client, not the agent. Remind her that she told you a falsehood about the client not having email. If she wants to make an issue of it, you can take it up with the RE licensing board. Don’t hesitate to assert yourself. You are not second fiddle to the agent on any transaction.

You’ll never be referred by that agent again, but then you don’t want to be involved with someone dishonest.


Sending the report to Anyone else without the Client’s permission is illegal in most, if not all, licensed States. You may want to check with your State.

Also this is not a standard procedure for ethical Real estate agents, though there are some like yours everywhere.


Thanks everyone! And once she told me I’d be sending the report to her since the client didn’t have an email I went ahead and added a clause to that agreement stating that it would be okay for me to deliver it to the realtor but I’m going to level set with her to see if she can change her ways. I appreciate all the advice!

Ditto that.

In my PIA I have I have a statement stating that by signing the client authorizes the inspector to share the report with their Realtor, and through the years I’ve had a few clients request that it not be, and I always abided by their requests.

The client is always the boss, always.


Thanks for sharing this experience here, Brian. Yes, as you can see above, most of us have run into this variety of sales agent (which is what my own state calls their license). Most try to adhere to their industry’s professional standards. Many are tempted to flex those standards to meet their own style of interpretation.

In attempting to screen information from your report before your client sees it, this particular Realtor would have taken upon herself the personal liability of doing so. You did well to serve your client’s interests directly, but also “saved” this Realtor from blundering into a liability she evidently overlooked.

You might have lost this one as a referring agent in the future, but you might consider discussing InterNACHI’s negligent referral program.

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The next thing the realtor will ask is that you reduce your fee… I always ask the client (pr agent) for the client’s email before the inspection. The agent lied to you about the client’s email. I would confront her about that. That lie identifies that agent as basically dishonest. Once you confront a dishonest agent you will never hear from them again. Problem solved!

I always provide a hard-copy of the contract for the client’s signature at the time of inspection and provide them a copy (in addition to the emailed contract). I always ask the client in person if they want a copy sent to the Realtor.


I never copy a realtor on a report without the express, written permission of the client.


I’ll give a copy of the report to whoever the CLIENT tells me to … BUT the CLIENT directs me NOT the used house commissioned sales person. Then there is the other thing …

4 months after the inspection when the client calls complaining that you did NOT tell them this OR that, you discover the agent FORGOT to tell them some of the things in your report AND the client THINKS its your fault OR you were in bed with the REA and wants blood