Problem With Fetchreport

I am having a problem with Fetchreport. It works great on my laptop but on my desktop the upload window does not pop-up when I try and print. I have removed and reloaded both ghostscript and Fetchreport several times. Nothing seemed to help.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional on the desktop.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



We had some problems with everything up to fr_pdf_b8.exe in Windows 2000. The latest file, fr_pdf_b9.exe should work on Windows 2000. Are you reinstalling from an original file you downloaded, or are you downloading a new one?

If you’re using the latest version, e-mail me at and we’ll schedule a time when I can talk to you over the phone about the problem.

To everyone else:

If you’re having the same problem, let me know. I’m going to assume it’s an isolated case with Jim’s computer unless other people report the same issue.