Problem with MIC

Hey Tim or Chris:

I am having a problem with MIC. I have a test report public on MIC. I uploaded a test Reinspection report for the original test report and made it public however it does not show up on MIC, only the original does.

Any help would be great.



When I went into the system it showed up fine:

Or are those not the two reports you were talking about?



Only the original test report shows up…the Reinspection is not showing up…I tried on 3 different computers.


I am sorry, I do not speak internetees. What the hell is Pibkac and rimlot.

Mike, I can see the addendum to your re-inspection. **Addendum to Report # 101607a

PIBKAC stands for “Problem is between keyboard and chair” I don’t know what rimlot stands for.

Hmm… Nick and I just checked and we’re seeing both reports:


When you click the link above and click “I agree” do you not see two links?

Actually when I click your link I do see them but when I go directly to move in certified and enter test report I do not…More important is that they are coming up. Maybe not for me but for everyone else.

Thanks Chris and Nick

What are you searching for? It’s listed under “Test Report, Test Report, TE.” So if you put “Test Report” as the street and city, and “TE” as the state they both should come up. Is that what you’re searching for?