Problem with my Village

Seems that the Village of Skokie has a law that one cannot park a B (business) plated truck with business logos or tools (ladder, etc) in the open overnight, even in ones own driveway. Funny, been doing that for 7 years now and no one complained before.

In any case, I had until today to fix this situation. My garage was full of my woodworking tools (1/2) and old boxes from when we moved (8 years old, but my wife won’t allow me to throw anything out) and boxes of my mother-in-law’s stuff from when she died a couple of years ago.

So, and G-d bless them all, I asked some people from my congregation to come over and help, yesterday. BTW: Yesterday was the hottest and most humdi day it has been in a LONG time around here. About 10 guys and 8 gals (to help sort) came by and helped. I can’t believe how clean it is now and I can get my truck inside (except that I have to remove my ladders).

  1. Do you have similar restrictions in your town?
  2. How do you handle it?
  3. Ain’t it great the when religious people actually work and help one of their own, even on a very hot and humdi day?

Bless them all!

Thats awesome Will, I am glad you got the help you needed, G-D is Good.

My business license has the same restriction since I operate out of my home. I had to clean the garage before starting, just like you did.

My biggest gripe is that if you drive through my subdivision, you will find at least a half dozen other commercial vehicles parked in driveways and in the street all the time. The difference, either their business address is somewhere other than their home, or they work for someone else.

Not that I would want to risk my inspection vehicle by leaving it outside, but I don’t like the unequal restrictions.

What would possibly be any good reason to place a restriction like this on business vehicles.

They don’t want the residential area to look like a commercial area. The problem is that without a universal restriction then it’s going to to a certain degree anyway.

There are some subdivisions around here where you can’t park an RV in the front of your home. Others won’t allow you to park your boat on your property unless the pad is paved.

Lots of stupid stuff…

"Do you have similar restrictions in your town?"

Many towns in Connecticut have restrictions.

hmm so much for a free country

Mount Prospect, IL has an ordinance similar the one in Skokie, but you can park a vehicle that has commercial logos, license numbers, etc. on its front doors, not all over the truck (or car). It’s rarely enforced though. Nevertheless, I think it’s a violation of private property rights.

Hmmm…that’s when magnetic signs comes handy.


You know about B plates not allowed on Lake Shore Drive too right? Got a ticket…:twisted:

Got that one, Erol. Nor are they allowed in the express lanes of the Dan Ryan or the Kennedy.

B plates required for my insurance (lower cost).

Go figure.