Problems with America

Lets see what everyone thinks we need to fix first. Watching what is going on around me, I have some theories (who doesn’t).

Lets start with work place safety. This is has been escalating for the past 20 or more years to the point where the cost of everything has skyrocketed. We have OSHA, MIOSHA, (many states have a version of OSHA as well). Regulation on anything and everything that has ever been proven to cause and injury, even if specific to someone’s allergies. Unions, EPA, FDA and many many other organizations that drive the cost of everything up. So what do manufacturers, farmers, and other businesses do? they move to countries without all the regulations and labor laws. The people here want to buy their stuff cheaper.
You cant have it both ways. We are headed down a dangerous path where we will only be consumers to other countries.

This should be in the NFE not here.

Not everyone wants their political views public.

you are right. I forgot that even existed

Yep exactly because of the Government Dictatorship.

Yep. And it’s just not economical. If all of our computer chips and substation generators are manufactured abroad, where are we going to get them in an emergency?

Yes it would be better to hide Facts of the greedy CEO’s Mr Jude in the not for everyone section . lol

Where are we going to get the components for bullets and or bullets when we really need them?

Some day I am afraid they will be worth more than gold :frowning:

Hell our own Country can cut us off on bullets and their parts without hardly even trying :frowning:

How about we fix the problem of greed first.

Unfortunately it’ll never happen.

Oil driller cut 25,000 jobs, paid CEO $18 million

Reload your own.
I reload 200 rounds an hour at half the cost of new ammo.
Gives us more range time.:wink:
Start here and shop around. Ammo components are plentiful right now.

Remember a while back when components to rounds were virtually unavailable :frowning:

A-shole ranges will not let you shoot them. I just hide them from inspection when I have any :slight_smile: Let them see the regs in boxes and shoot the cheap stuff from my pocket.

I think you all should move to China! we live in the greatest country in the world. & I would fight for that

Me too. How do we fight our real enemy… debt?

tax the crap out of everything coming in or refuse to allow items from countries with no environmental or labor law conscience

Legalize weed. Its working in Colorado

Yeppers, But in Florida the rights when they happen will go to a few connected people :frowning: