Process related equipment

Hi, I’m new here and have a quick question. While taking the OL practice exam a question asks:
Process related equipment is not inspected -Y/N

So what are some examples of this equipment? Water Conditioners? Electrostatic Air Cleaners?


I would say yes those are good examples. I think it is a poorly worded question myself.

I agree and it left me scratching my head for examples. Can you add any others? Thanks


Pretty much any system not specifically named in the SOP. Low Voltage lighting, intercoms, central vacuums, RO Systems, fire sprinklers…

Thanks to both of you for the input! Inspectors seem to be such a friendly bunch - or I haven’t been on long enough :slight_smile:

Process related items would also inlude advanced features in t-stats, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, defrost cycle on heat pumps, battery backup switching in garage door openers, hot water recirculation loop timers and electronic water heater control panels for other modes like vacation mode.