Proctered exams for Illinois CE credits.

I have passed 2 tests with Nachi, How do I get these to credit for my Illinois CE. Thanks Rick. 815-871-4217.

Are you a member of InterNACHI?

I thought I was a member as I can log in and take exams. Can you tell me if i am a member. If not a member why should I pay the 289.00. Thanks for your help. Rick Thompson

The lopsided value proposition InterNACHI offers, that being $50,000.00 worth of membership benefits, approved education, and business success programs… all for $289… is so evident, that anyone who can’t recognize it really shouldn’t be in the business of recognizing defects.

I don’t want to be so harsh as to say non-members are too stupid to inspect, but … well… you call 'em like you see 'em.

Robert already is a member.

Richard J. Thompson NACHI06100283 Rock River Valley Home Inspectors LLC. Lic.# 450.0002964 Byron, IL