Production media

WATCH OUT. Company called Production Media 8700 SW Creekside
Beaverton, OR 97008
Southwest Portland

They make folders and they took over $500 from our company and produced NOTHING. They are clamming they have a no refund clause. The folder was supposed to be produced over a YEAR ago. They use the InterNACHI find a inspector.

Please tell everyone so no one gets scammed like we did.

Yes, they still call me from time to time.

And their sales people always have some line like “we’re doing something unique” or “we’re doing something new” even though it’s the same pitch every time.

I always think if the folder thing were such a treasure trove of leads, they would have a waiting list of inspection firms lined up to be in these folders instead of them having to troll online for unsuspecting new inspectors.

They got us to buy a triple size add LAST JUNE. No folder was ever made and they claim it was because the Real Estate office something happened. I said Fine return the money. They said we are using the no refund clause. So they also produced NOTHING and kept the money. In fact I had it out with them again today and they refuse to refund the money.

PLEASE tell all your friends…I find out now they have 1 stare on yelp with 98 reviews and they have a F with the BBB.

Update. I filed a complaint with the OR department of Justice.