Products that open sewer line?

Recommended products for clearing sewer waste line that has been ro to rooted but still drains slowly? Possibly plugged with roots.

Call them back to make sue it is clear .


Copper sulfate

Have the root removal company come back and send the camera in.

Like Josh indicated, recommend copper sulfate.
Don’r forget to let them know copper sulfate won’t kill existing roots but it does keep new from forming.

If it by chance is clogged with roots the ro to rooter people did not do their job as that is the reason to use them.

The problem with roots is it doesn’t matter what you do, they come back until you fix the pipe. And I say this as someone who has a bad root problem in my own sewer line.

At this point, I just keep buying the drain line bacteria, which does nothing for the roots, but at least breaks down material that gets caught in the roots to keep the water flowing until I can get to having a qualified plumber replace the pipe.

We used Roto Rooter on one of our rental properties recently.
It’ll cost you about $500 though.

Anyone ever hear of this?

Yes and have not heard any bad reports .

Added…This is one method

First for me

My parents had this done on their home probably 30 years ago. They had about 130 feet of orangeburg pipe that went under two neighbors properties before it hit the street sewer. It was under patios, walls and landscaping and would have been a VERY expensive mess to dig up and repair. The project was done in a day and there have been no problems since installed.

Also known as blue stone. Works great for roots.

"Anyone ever hear of this?

**Yes, used it on a remodel project about 10 years ago. It was slightly more than replacing, back then, but it saved the landscaping, fence and a tree. Well worth it.