Professional Home Inspection Institute

This is a new one on me and wonder if Nick has come across this at a moment in time.

I don’t see INACHI listed here, are we not good enough for this training school?

Must be an amazing school. Home Inspector in weeks.

This was an incredible course! For years I’ve wanted to become a home inspector but had no practical way to get started. I took your course and in a few weeks working on it part time I was finished. It really is that easy. Since starting inspecting two months ago, I’ve already got more business than I can handle! Your home inspection school was well worth it!
L.W., Lincoln, NE

I should have skipped the 40 years of training and took this course. :wink:

Maybe Nick can enlighten us on this one.

Marcel :):smiley:

INACHI is mentioned on the FAQS page. We’re not mentioned as an affiliate and I hope we never do become affliated with this company. I’ll repeat it again NO ONE can learn to be a HI over the internet. On the job training is a must.

Exact thought Billy, and I did not see where Inachi was mentioned.

How can they make a Home Inspector in a few Weeks?

Marcel :slight_smile:

sounds like we wasted a lot of Years Marcel…think maybe they have a school that can make us doctors in a couple weeks…just think we could be chasing nurses in no time !!!

What is a national association requirement?
Some states including Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Maryland require membership or approval by a national home inspector association as a condition for licensing. For example, Pennsylvania law requires all inspectors to be a member of a national association in order to inspect homes. National associations must be nonprofit, and currently only ASHI, NACHI, NAHI, and NSHI meet the requirements. PHII is the only school that offers free membership in a national nonprofit home inspector association. All PHII graduates receive a free $199 membership in the National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI), which meets the PA and other state requirements. Click to read NSHI’s Pennsylvania Compliance Document.

Sounds like a great opportunity to boast your many years of experience. Use the quote & link on your own site and say, “who would you trust inspecting your home”? :smiley:

Peter, if I had a Website, I might do that just for Shi-ts and giggles. :p:):wink:

Marcel :):smiley:

Want to send those lines to Nick??

Notice that they have another HI org decal on the front page: National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI)!!

Don’t think I ever recalled him claiming someone could become a truly qualified home inspector with online education alone. Where does he claim this?

Hi. Brian and hope you are well.

I happened to be able to read your post before you deleted it.

To me, the part of this link, that does not fit my waredrobe, is the fact that they advertise to make you an inspector over the internet in 90 hours.

I’m semi-retired and moved to Florida a few years ago. I had a home inspection done and realized that I could do this part-time for $300 a house. Your course jumped out at me because I could take it from home and use my computer. It took a little more than three weeks to finish the course, but less than one week to start my own business down here and inspect my first home. I’m now working 2-3 days a week and loving it! Thanks!

The fact that they sponsor or are sponsored by

]( is an authorized affiliate of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI member #243641) [/size]

is of no relevance to me. This only shows that this whole instruction school does not meet the Criteria as sponsored by INACHI and it’s entrance requirements.

I have learned some very good things from the ASHI Inspectors Websites and will not knock them. The requirements are different and obviously, this school has not gained the privelage to carry the INACHI Logo.

INACHI is the biggest organization in the Home Inspection Bussiness and has the strictess requirements.

You are more than welcome to join us if you wish.

I for one would enjoy sharing the experiences that we have acquired over the years and help other Home Inspectors of INACHI become better and more profitable.

Team Work, is the answer to any Organization, no matter what Logo they carry.

Wish you well Brian and thanks for reading this far.

Marcel :):smiley:

I guess it dosen’t matter if you post to help and any fashion of other and try to help and agree with somebody, there will always be an imposter showing his ignornance by giving you these red squares.

Professional Home… 10/27/08 6:49 AMThanks for the support Marcel, this is the org that expelled me remember?//cookie

Now how much of an intellectual would know that I am still in contact with Roy, and make believe it comes from him.

Why don’t you face the music and expose yourself like a man instead of a boy hiding behind the curtain, that needs help.

I promise, your disagreements will not be in vain, I will be the first one to help if I can.

Now, can we talk.?

Thanks for the visit.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Dont sweat the small stuff Marcel.

I got my first years membership to iNACHI paid for free.
I just thought I’d let you know.

I researched schools for about a month, last year. As far as schools go, overall they offered the best students benifits and startup packages. I too agree with the fact that hands on in the field training is a must. This school requires some field time before you can take thier proctored exam. I have over 20 years work experience in the contruction industry. While this is benificial to my HI business, it can not replace on the job training.
Hope this info is of value.
Carl :wink:

From the website:
"Become a Home Inspector and Experience the Benefits:

  • Be your own boss
  • Make your own hours
  • Get hands-on with your career

This is what a home inspection career can bring you, and Allied’s Home Inspection Course will take you there.
Home inspection is one of America’s hottest jobs! Find out how home inspection classes can help make it yours."

Is HI still one of America’s “hottest jobs”? Funny how the diploma mills always have it wrong!!!

I’ts Brian’s ignorant way of trying to get back at you for exposing the truth. Not too sharp is he??? :roll::roll::roll:

How about this ad?…QAdIdZ55256033

Advertising a CMI Approved School, yet when you check the CMI Approved Schools, there is no listing?

Seems Nachi has a problem in correcting members who openly abuse the rules.

How about this ad?

This course is not approved as a CMI Approved School?

Why would that be, and what measures is Nachi taking to correct the misadvertising and misuse of its “Approved” seal?

Another guy that’s ignorant of the facts!!! Being a non-member, I can’t play with the red/green thingies…period!! I received an apology from a member a few days ago when he assumed I had sent him a red with a comment…there’s some real winner members on these boards!!

BTW, how sharp is the poster???

You have over 1800 posts. Did you let your membership lapse? Just curious. What associations are You affiliated with? And what forums are you a member of?

It strikes me odd that You have put so much time and participation in these forums. Why not join? Please give us the real story. Is that all you can share with us; how sharp . . . Who benifits from your post and knowledge?

A true Home Inspector professional would be embarassed posting such comments, assuming that you are a home inspector. You should read this. Especially section 3, which applies to all us HI winners.


PS. I had already decided to become an inspector before looking into several, how do you say, “diploma mills”. You forgot to post the part that Allied Business Schools has classroom instruction available at thier campus,
and, agh, oh ya,. . . THEY ARE AFFILIATED WITH InterNACHI. [size=5]:nachi:[/size]