Professional: Must walk roof?

Very good perspective on things.

My only difference is that I use a 75x binoculars which you can get at a good bird-watching store.

I’m amazed at the prices for common items that places like Professional Equipment and even NACHI charge home inspectors. Equally good, sometimes far better, equipment, usually at far better prices can be found at the sporting goods stores. If it’s rugged enough for hikers, swimmers, divers, backpackers, rock climbers, mountain climbers, etc., I suspect that it is rugged enough for me. And at half the price.

Totally agree on the price thing RR. Go to specialty shops or tool stores and be prepared to dish it out. Rechargable 1Mil candle power flashlights for example…Canadian tire reg. price 29.99, on a good sale which is 3 or 4 times a year 9.99 You can’t beat that, I buy 10 at a time and I’m good for the year. When they crap out…trash’em.

By the way…75 X binoculars for bird watching…Holy crap man, are you trying to analyze the bird poop to see what they’ve been eating or what:shock::shock::p:p

I don’t walk roofs.

If possible I do walk roofs .

With so many years experience framing and roofing, I am quite comfotable on most pitches. At 9/12 and above, I dont get off the ladder. For storey, a good set of binoculars works for me.

So you probably don’t need 75x binoculars. Unless you’re a bird watcher. :wink:

I have never ever met a person who could a pair of 75* binoculars. I have a 25 power scope on a try pod for those roof I will not walk or can not walk . I also have never me a person who could hold a 25 power scope steady enough to see. I expect you Binoculars are 7.5 power.
I used to have an 8 power on a varmint rifle and with it I used a by pod to help hold it steady.


The current model is 20x80. The older model (mine) is 20x75. I guess those are actually 20x, right?

Anyway, they are very easy to use.

They might not offer them north of the border.

The first number is always the magnification…the second number is the size of the lens…80mm in this case or 75 in the case of yours.

Hard as hell to focus from less than 100 feet also…

Hunting comes in handy afterall…

I bought mine at a Discovery-type store in Houston earlier this year when everyone else was at the National Convention. The reason why I bought them was because they were the old model, i.e., clearance sale, they were 4.5 pounds (the same weight as my old notebook computer), and they were easy to focus, even inside the store.