Project Deadwood update!

I just deleted about 20 members from Washington & Wyoming. We’ll be starting on Alabama again tomorrow! :wink:

Thanks, Lisa. :smiley: I’m sure that’s a never ending cycle.

I am no DEAD WOOD lady…don’t be removing my account :wink:

How are you still posting Paul? I thought I deleted you …lol… then I remebered how you sent us the bottle of Jameson so I skipped over your name :wink: .

Great work, Lisa!

Hi Lisa:

Does Project Dead Wood progress north to Canada?

Check the town of Whitby-- I know there is a forrest of dead wood.:stuck_out_tongue:


Brian, Who is Seth Kist? He is not a member here.

That a gal…get em DRUNK is most certainly the answer…:wink:

My bottle’s on the way Lisa. :wink:

Hi Nick,
I looked up, this man by name, city, zip code, and state. I cannot find any record of him on the NACHI database. Yet he claims to be a Chapter President. Is there a mistake on the NACHI database?

No, there is no mistake in NACHI’s database. Maybe he was a former member that left or maybe he was planning on joining. I don’t know.

No friggin idea Nick. Just some guy using the NACHI name without paying dues.

I’m looking into it personally right now!

Past member or wanting to be a member,hummmm.
Talk about false advertising.
His website boldly proclaims that he is the president of a NACHI chapter.
Maybe someone from NACHI headquarters needs to give him a phone call.

I knew you would, thanks Lisa.:smiley:

Tear him a new one Lisa!

Left him a message earlier and still awaiting a reply…:wink:

The funny thing about the deadwood project is that we get more new memberships a day than I can delete :mrgreen: