projected growth

I’m researching Home Inspections and been trying to find stats on future growth for this field. Does anyone have an idea where to look?
thank you

Best of luck if you do find what you are looking for let us know.

It frustrates me when I am setting up an account of filling out a form and there is no option for home inspections, property inspections available. We fall under categories like
Real Estate Services
Professional Consulting.

I think your best bet would be to follow real estate trends.

To me if your a successful guy, you will be a successful inspector. Business is business, granted there has to be a market, but for the most part a successful business guy will be successful in whatever he does…

I agree with Russell. I’m not sure why you would want this information, but if you are waiting to go into business (any business) until there is a freak time where the demand for your product/service (inspection service, pizza, etc) outstrips the supply (number of inspectors, pizza shops, etc)… you might as well go get a job. Those freak moments don’t last. Supply always catches up to demand. Once that happens, you won’t be able to rely on the temporary imbalance in the free market to cover for your weakness as a businessman. Then what will you do?

I agree. you want to be an inspector, go ahead and do it, the sooner you start the quicker one of these scenarios happens:

1: you succeed in growing a successful business.
2: you fail and go ahead and move on.

Getting to either situation quickly is best.

The biggest hindrance to success, IMHO, is your day job. Lose it.

I agree 100%. Ask the guys here who “transitioned into” inspecting. Things are too slow until you jump in and really work your company. It was like that for me, I was doing contract work and couldn’t seem to get enough inspection work to quit taking contracting jobs, until i decided to just quit it, then I could concentrate on my inspection business. No regrets here.