ProLab 8 hr Mold Certification

For those Canadians who did not get to the ProLab course in Toronto this could be your chance to take it close to home at Buffalo.
I and many others enjoyed it .
Take mama with you she might just love to go shopping in the USA remember no DUTY on almost every thing
Roy Cooke

2-day educational event at Western New York NACHI Chapter in Buffalo on Jan 26-27

if you do go there and do some shopping any idea how much you can bring back duty free

How much can you carry .
The North American free trade act did away with duties on goods made in North America.
Most groceries have no taxes .
The Taxes you might have to pay are exactly the same taxes you would pay shopping at wall Mart in Canada GST & PST
Do not tell Mom this or she might by more then you can get in your CAR . many things are cheaper in the USA example I just bought a Kodack Camera here it was $189:00 Canadian I paid $89:00 us = ± $106:00 Canadian.
Computers I found cheaper here but Camera Cards Cheaper there by a huge amount $19:00 as Canada $60:00.
Forget the money go and enjoy Great people and endless things we do not have . Most larger store take Canadian Money.
Roy Cooke Tell mama you love her and are taking her shopping

I appreciate the post.
I am Don Peterson and I am the Chapter President here in Buffalo, NY.
I am arranging this training and also the Friday Meeting.
If you are interested or have questions, Please email, or phone me.


thanks Roy

Glad to help stand by when the Canadians find out how much money they have after Christmas I expect you might be surprised .
Good luck Glad for you .
Will do my best to get down .
Talk to you soon Roy Cooke


I think it fits my plans and will be attending [Fri.] I will not take Doug’s class on Sat. Please let me know if you are attending.

I have arranged a great discount at the hotel. 79.00 US a night.
Close to the walden galleria mall and the I90 exit.

$79.00 US a night. PLease tell me it’s not Econolodge.:twisted:

Thanks Don!!

No it is not. The Buffalo Airport Holiday Inn. It is a full service Hotel, but I can you other prices at different hotels. The holiday inn regular price is 119.00. The meeting is at that hotel. Let me know.

If any of you that are attending would like any tips (in addition to these) first tip is don’t cross at the Queenston / Lewiston Bridge as it’s too busy this time of year. Go straight to Fort Erie and cross at the Peace Bridge. Tip # 2 if you have a freezer you can stock up on so much food that is cheaper (BY FAR) then in Canada (like boneless Chicken breast). The other super cheap item is Dairy products - THERE IS NO COMPARISON - Less then 1/2 price easily!! and… there is NO duty on groceries since they are tax exempt in both countries you could buy as much as you want (almost). Some small exceptions like 2 frozen turkeys, 2 dozen eggs, that king of thing. While you’re at it bring back a 12 pack of Genessee Cream Ale cans from Wegmans for $4.99!! Customs are fine with 12 or less beer since the duty would be next to nothing anyway. I had to say this because living in Niagara Falls I do all my Grocery, Beer and Gas shopping in the states. Also if you smoke you can buy cigarettes at Smoking Joes (an Indian Reservation) in Lewiston, New York for $1.00 a pack or $6.95 a carton. You can also fill up their for $2.24 a gallon U.S. This place is about 5 miles from the U.S. / Canada Border. Have fun taking the course and take advantage of the deals!


The hotel is good,after all we are not buying it,we are just staying a few nights! And thanks for making the arrangements. I will e-mail you to verify.


Just kidding! That is a great deal for a hotel room.
I missed the one in Toronto and hope to make it to Buffalo for this one. Depends on work schedule etc. Thanks.

Could you provide a course outline or some indication of what they will be teaching you?

The last time I was in the Walden Galleria (quite a few years ago) I was a bit hungry so I went to the Arby’s in the food court and ordered a Philly beef and Swiss. Just like I always do here in Canada. They asked me if I wanted a half or a whole? :shock: Well, geez a half a burger just isn’t gonna fill me up so with a puzzled look on my face I said “a whole”. I should known something wasn’t quite right with the rather high price but I just chucked it up to exchange. It turns out that they didn’t use round hamburger buns but instead gigantic submarine buns. I ended up throwing half of it out. I couldn’t finish it. :roll:

Well, thank god we now have a Tim Horton’s on every other corner. You gotta love tim’s coffee