Prolab Mold Class

The Great Lakes Chapter had Prolab do an introductory mold class a few days ago in Toledo. The class far exceeded our expectations. Anyone who is thinking about getting into doing mold inspections and screening needs to take this class. The instructor, Doug Caprio, did an excellent job making the class informative but not too technical. It is a fast paced, well thought out class.

Even though Doug is with Prolab, he was very careful not to promote Prolab’s products or services except for a very brief review of Prolab at the end of the day. Even that was very informative.

We are already planning another basic class to be held in Flint, Michigan and advanced classes in both Toledo, Ohio and Flint in December. The basic class in Toledo was completely full. Anyone who would like to join us in either toledo or Flint in December should contact Doug at Prolab or NACHI member Skip DuFour.

I took the mold class in Ohio a few months ago. Even though I am not home inspector I found the information well received. The class was enjoyable and fun. If you see Doug from Pro-Lab coming to your town I would highly suggest taking the class.

Thank you Pro-Lab and Doug