Promos with your business

I have a local business that has offered to create a dual-branded coupon to be given to any of my clients that purchase a home inspection, to receive a free large pizza from his business. I know that realtors can not be incented in any way, but does this rule fall to clients as well?

Thanks in advance!

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As long as the pizza is good.

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Nope, you can give your clients whatever your heart desires! I just hope clients aren’t choosing their home inspector based on if they get free pizza or not. :rofl:


That is what I thought, but I figured that it could not hurt to ask.

And yes, it is really good Pizza :pizza:

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Not a bad idea. Pizza (delivered) is probably the go-to dinner after a long day of moving into a new house…

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If the pizza is Good, and even if your Inspection is Amazing - Superb - Over-the-top;
sadly, (for you) I think the buyer of the house/(your customer) will soon forget you and keep buying the pizza.