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Hi Folks , I have been using an idea I have thought about , for my other Business cards ( Real Estate) I have put our info on back of card {NACHI , National Association of Certified Home Inspectors , my phone and Nachi’s webb site } and any other info needed , this only cost me $20 to do this .

When new cards are being made up , and a little extra I give them if some one else is doing it. This is good for Real Estate , Insurance companies , contractors , etc. , I found this is a Great ! way to get more Business.

Have a Good day !

Les Martin / Maine

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Hi Les, I have been doing the same thing for some time now, also I print my own business cards using the Avery blanks that go through my office printer, I do loose a bit on quality but I love the flexability it offers. If I need to change e-mail address or similar I don’t have to scrap 500 cards.

BTW I also use a small head shot on my cards, people remember faces a lot longer than names. any way enough of my secrets…



ps where the heck is Argyle Me I am only 1/2 hour from the Maine border ?

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