Propane Education

There’s 2 courses available, I’ll be doing them tomorrow. I want to read up on the tank-less water heater too. Since we’re going to be putting a propane furnace in, it might be a good thing to put in the tank-less at the same time.

Good link!

There are ups and downs to using propane. Wouldn’t you say? :shock:

Good courses, thanks Barry!

I get all my propane knowledge from a local guy…Hank Hill…you may know him.

Hey Michael, was are you the Arlen HI that was recently featured. (since you know Hank)

Actually, yes I was. We shot that episode a couple months back. :mrgreen:

wow, I just notice are need too proof my post beter.

It’s that KEG thing again!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Barry

As allways great info Barry, Thanks!

Thanks Barry!