Propane fireplace

I would like to send a picture, but for some reason it will not upload??

I inspected a home with a ventless fireplace. It was fed by a small propane bottle (5 gal grocery store variety) located on the outside of the house. The bottle had its regulator and the rubber hose was threaded on to the black iron pipe going through the brick to the fireplace. Everything looked OK and I know if they were being served by a large tank, I would not be writing you.

I definitely don’t like the flexible rubber hose and will write a comment about that. I’m scouring the IRC for any other red flags.

I think I know many of the opinions on vent-free (or flueless) .:smiley: I own one and haven’t turned cherry-red… yet. :wink:

As always, thanks in advance.

Bruce (aka “flueless” or “clueless” whichever you prefer)


IRC Chapter 24, Fuel Gas, Definitions:

The tubing used is for portable appliances and not approved for attachment to permanent appliances.

Those gas lines are not meant to withstand the elements for long periods of time. The elements include attacks by rodents, weather, insects, etc. They are acceptable for portable appliances such as grills, etc.

Translated it means that if the code is more restrictive it applies over the manufacturers installation instructions.

Don’t forget the proper location for the shutoff valve.

Part of this will also depend on what the manufacturer calls for. I have not seen any systems that the manufacturer called for that such arrangement.

I wrote up the whole thing for basically the same reasons. I sent another suggestion in the email as well.

thanks for the input.