Propane tank age?

i tried to search and am surprised that i came up empty.

what the max age for a residential propane tank? im thinking 15 years, and if its recertified, how may more? cant find anything in NFPA to back it up.

same with larger permanently installed tanks filled on site? (im not talkin a BBQ tank)

ASME tank have a nameplate that should have the date of manufacture and be in good condition. No requirement to re certify.

I have some 20 gallon DOT tanks from the 40’s or 50’s, some guy at the propane shop sprayed them with soapy water and punched a new date into them the last time I had them checked.

That works for a lot of things! :margarit:

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do you mean 20# tanks? BBQ type? if so, im sure this is a no no as tanks have to be equipped with the new overfill valve to be filled.

For being so sure about pressure vessels you ask a lot of questions. :smiley:

Who said anything about valves???