Propane VS natural gas

Does anyone have anything on cost comparison to propane vs natural gas for home heating.

Typing “propane vs. natural gas” into Google results in this:

Amazing how that works! :mrgreen:

Propane is hotter. It is one of the component of most natural gases and product of refinement of crude petroleum. Propane heat output is about 2,500 BTU per cubic foot.
Methane in its turn is the main constituent of natural gas and its heat output is more than twice less than propane’s - 1,012 BTU per cubic foot.
Pricing of the two products in your geographical area will determine the cost of which ever one you use based on the BTU output. :slight_smile:

“Amazing how that works! :mrgreen:”

Thanks for the info. Guess I rely on this MB for info and forget about google:roll:

In my Rough estimate, Propane costs 30%-50% more than natural gas. (Depending on Location/transportation/and oil prices) Initial installation is cheaper for propane because you can run an entire house of appliances on a 1/2" buried copper line. Natural gas needs a 3"-4" (usually threaded steel) pipe, and runs MUCH lower pressures, needing high volume to burn.