ProPay offers InterNACHI members a deal.

I use PayPal for my business. I get 2.95% + .30 per transaction. I don’t use the virtual terminal because I haven’t had a need for it, but I may consider it later if I get enough request. I do like the fact that with PayPal I can except Visa, M/C, Amex, and Discover as well as the regular paypal payments.

Surprised there isn’t an app for that. LOL

Skip the virtual terminal. It will cost your $60 a month total soon ($30 for their normal fee + $30 PCI compliance).

The bank I made a deal with (took 6 months and 8 banks) is $15 a month and 2.02-2.3%. It’s been $5 a month until recently due to force PCI compliance on all merchants. I’m HIGHLY suspicious of anyone saying it’s $39 a year as they have to get you into PCI compliance which costs anywhere from $120 a year (like with our bank) up to $300 a year with paypal’s virtual termainal. PCI compliance will not be mandatory for a few more months so I think propay is holding off until the last minute and will charge you guys later. This is mandatory for anyone processing through their site or on their own device like a phone or computer. Paypal doesn’t need to charge if someone clicks a link and goes to THEIR site as you never touch the data. As soon as you’re entering in data YOU MUST become PCI complaint.

Check out for more information, you are all merchants as far as they are considered. I’ve found no one who will do compliance for free (trust me, I’ve looked)! So if propay is eating the cost, I’d be very surprised. Although since their interest rate is a whole percent higher they might be working the cost into that.

How does 1.89 swipe rate and 2.89 keyed in with a .25 trans fee sound?

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Great discussion. 3.25% is just the lowest tier, ProPay does have rates down to 2.69%. ProPay also has the email invoice feature, 800# phone processing, and go to for a way to process on your smart phone with ProPay (Thanks for asking, Chuck).

As for PCI DSS compliance, why pay anyone a $15-30/month fee as a penalty or for their help on compliance? You could use ProPay’s MicroSecure Card Reader and email invoices for less and still be compliant. (The reader is encrypted, so you never have full card data=compliant).

Tanner, if an inspector is entering in credit card information on their cell phone (they’re seeing CC data) then according to Visa they MUST be PCI compliant. This would be the same for calling an 800 number as well. So you’re saying with your service inspectors won’t need to pay a PCI fee?

Bill, doesn’t your company have monthly minimums to meet?

i use paypal as well works great, as customers r happy that their info is safe.

Every processor has a monthly min. of $25.00.

That’s not true Bill. The bank we made a deal with has no monthly minimum transactions as our users on here can tell you. There’s just a $5 gateway fee and $10 PCI compliance fee. We got the monthly minimum waived (it helps to get 8 banks to compete with each other over thousands of users!)

Whats the rate and trans fee?

Via their website, email, or web page on cell phone it’s 2.03% for debit cards, 2.3% for credit cards (.15% extra for rewards cards). We have very few guys with swipers (as there’s no monthly fee if they’re processing through their phones). The few that do pay 1.53% for swiping the cards. Most avoid that though so they don’t have to pay a monthly fee to a have a swiper working off cell towers (when it’s free on the phone).

Transaction fee is .35 per transaction.

The remote terminals you have though are very cool looking though and definitely quick and easy to use on site versus manually entering the data via a cell phone.

Well there ya go I’m at 1.89 and .25 do the math with no cancellation fee.

6 or half dozen of the other I guess it all boils down to service and reliability. I’ve been in the industry 11 years and providing FREE credit card systems to InterNACHI 4 years.

Are there any monthly charges for using the device since it works off the cell network? Any PCI compliance charges, Monthly report charges (I think you told me on the phone you didn’t have any of these), or any other charge than $25 a month monthly minimum. Any charges to take a payment over the phone or via a website?

I’m always looking for the best rate for our users as they integrate the system into the software and their websites (though we have inspectors who don’t use either sign up through us as well). If you can beat it I’d definitely send them your way. Obviously the 1.89% & .25 a transaction is good (though card swiping through our bank starts at 1.53 if you see my post below, but everyone using them has a terminal tied into a phone), but the other fees can change things for low to moderate users.

The no cancellation charge thing is definitely great. That’s one thing I haven’t been able to get the banks to budge on, the one we use is a 3 year contract.

I’ve used Propay for a couple of years now. I love them and my clients love how easy it is to use. A request for payment is mailed to them through a secured link.

Nothing is cheaper than card present transactions, that’s the reason wireless systems were invented.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. free credit card system video presentation:](


Thanks for the info Dominic, it looks like you have a good setup. :smiley:

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. free credit card system video presentation:

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