Proper Complaint Procedures

It looks like one association in Canada has procedures they follow on complaints .

[SIZE=4]Guidelines for the Submission of a
[FONT=Helvetica, Arial][COLOR=#003399]
[SIZE=4]Complaint**[/SIZE] Against a Registered Member **

Professional certification is a signal that members and technical specialists will provide their applied science technology services in an ethical and competent manner. On those occasions where it is felt that a member may have acted improperly, ASTTBC’s Practice Review Board can be requested to investigate the matter and, if necessary, the PRB will convene a Disciplinary Committee.

ASTTBC’s Practice Review Board deals with any complaints. Complaint submissions must be in writing and addressed to: ASTTBC Registrar
10767 ­ 148 Street
Surrey, BC V3R 0S4
Staff members dealing with certification issues do not handle complaints. Staff cannot accept verbal complaints. The Registrar acts as Secretary to the Practice Review Board (PRB) who under the ASTT Act has responsibility for the review of registrants’ conduct.
Complainants should be aware that a false or malicious complaint may result in legal action by other parties.
**Complaint Procedure: **[ol]
[li]A complaint, submitted in writing, must include: [/li]
[LIST=1]<LI type=a>Full name and member number of the individual(s) in question. ASTTBC can only act against registered members.
[li]Name of business, contact person and phone number at the location where the alleged incident took place. [/li][li]Full detailed description of complaint, including date(s). [/li][li]Substantiated photocopy evidence of reports etc. including photos if possible. [/li]
[li]The complaint may be reviewed and verified by an ASTTBC Representative of the applicable Certification group who is appointed by the ASTT Practice Review Board. [/li]

[li]The ASTTBC Registrar or a member of the ASTTBC Practice Review Board may call the complainant to discuss the issue and to ensure that there is proper information and evidence of an actual violation of the ASTTBC Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. [/li]

[li]Providing there is reasonably substantiated information and evidence, a copy of the complaint will be forwarded to all parties involved for their comments. [/li]

[li]Once the ASTTBC Registrar has received comments from all parties, the Practice Review Board will review the complaint and make a recommendation. If necessary a Disciplinary Hearing will be held under the ASTT Act. [/LIST][/li]The Code of Ethics is for everyone and it can only work if information regarding unethical practices is reported to the ASTTBC Practice Review Board. This requires the combined efforts of members and the public. Click for information regarding the ASTT Act; Regulations; or Code of Ethics or call our office for a copy.