Proper Connection?

I got to my inspection yesterday and a local plumber (certified) was there installing a new water heater. When I finished upstairs and came to the basement, after he was gone, I found this.

Appears to be on both sides.

Doesn’t appear to be a Dielectric Union? Most water heaters have copper at this connection.

Is that really a galvanized nipple to black iron coupling to copper pipe to sweat adaptor. Sheesh!

I do not think so. If these materials have different dielectric properties corrosion will result.

Yes, quite the connection made I must say. Like I said, he was a certified (in PA) plumber!!

Must be making future work for himself. Was his business info nearby?

Cum’on Mike that is all he had in his truck what do you want perfection we would be out of business if not for guys like that.:shock:

What? …you guy’s haven’t seen the new black copper couplings yet?

Well, he could have painted it all with some of that copper-looking stuff !!

He had the big truck with him. His business is about 20 minutes away. He did however remove the former heater and load it onto the truck. Most impressive.