Proper Disposal of Smoke Detectors/Alarms

Did you know that some contain radioactive particles?


Good info. Thanks Jim

I thrown them in with my used oil and plastic jugs and burn them.

That’s wasting energy Joe. You could be barbequing your food as you burn these items, and as an added bonus, the radioactive particles will cook your food more thoroughly. :wink:

Most of my trash, except for metal goes in my own incinerator. Converts waste to energy (heat and hot water for my home).

I also like the fact that is pisses off the Envio-Nazis. I stay a toasty 73 degrees with a giant carbon footprint. :mrgreen:

woodboiler 001.JPG

Cool. It looks great except for the part of your house it burnt down. :mrgreen:

Nice pond. :smiley:

Thanks. Here’s a better photo. It’s paradise.


BTW Joe I corrected your name above.

Probly need to put a chimney cap/screen and secure that conduit though.

I knew someone would notice that! Note also the yellow romex not approved for outdoor use?

Thats what I was saying…haha…funny